The draft chosen for implementation of the special area of Quartier Heidestraße was the design submitted in the architecture competition by ROBERTNEUN Architekten.

In the first round, along with ROBERTNEUN Architects the firm gmp von Gerkan, Marg und Partner (Berlin) was awarded first prize and recommended for further development. The decision was made on 19 January, after a second round of appraisal by the jurors.

The Quartier Heidestraße is being developed as part of the Europacity. The competition was for the heart of the quarter, in which a plot area of 9,490 sqm is to be turned into a generously scaled retail, residential and commercial space. The task was to design the facades and develop the floor plans for the respective use areas.

Senate Building Department director (Senatsbaudirektorin) Regula Lüscher said about the result of the competition: “ROBERTNEUN have drafted as very confident brick building which recalls the industrial past of the area. The single building element that lends it identity is highly suitable to the urban development location, offers an attractive ground floor zone and outstanding apartment layouts everywhere. I am pleased to see some 170 apartments created here along with commercial and industrial space. Moreover it pleases me that 25% of the entire Quartier Heidestraße consists of apartments defined as rent and occupancy regulated dwellings.“