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Targeted project development

Developing visions for the city of tomorrow, revitalising existing properties and realising future-oriented urban quarters – these are our passions.

What does the city of the future look like? What can we do today to make urban living and working healthier and more efficient? These are the questions that drive us in project development, which we answer with innovative solutions for all areas of life and across the entire life cycle of real estate. Both in our own projects and where we are called in as consultants. For years we have been supporting companies both in the development of new projects and in the conversion of existing properties.

We identify prime locations, create construction rights and carry out comprehensive due diligence processes for our clients. The basis for this is our extensive database with regional and socio-economic data on individual locations, which we are continually expanding. On all these levels, the multifaceted expertise of our strong team is committed to only one goal: To make real estate fit for the future and thus permanently successful.

About us

Taurecon Real Estate Consulting GmbH was founded in 2013 by Thomas Bergander and is currently realizing about one third of the total area of the new Berlin Europacity with the Quartier Heidestrasse.

Vitality and Smart City


In its project development Taurecon focuses on the entire life cycle of the property. This is why the company focuses on smart concepts – especially for quarters. Urban living and working are undergoing a rapid transformation process and the demand for smart spaces is constantly growing. Digitalization is shaping the city of tomorrow. That is why Taurecon is always striving to offer users a wide range of digital solutions that can be selected according to their needs.

Our team is highly experienced and has years of knowledge in the real estate and construction market.
We are developers, architects, engineers, designers and project managers – together we achieve the best results!

Thomas Bergander

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Taurecon GmbH
Schlüterstraße 39
10629 Berlin

Tel.: +49 (0)30 2000 914 0
Fax: +49 (0)30 6908 81 63

Email: info@taurecon.com