• Ramona Pop, Senator for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, and Dr Martin Heinig, Managing Director SAP Berlin were attending the laying of the foundation stone for QH Track’s ninth and final building
  • The 133,000 square metres of gross floor space includes 30,000 square metres for SAP’s new Digital Campus
  • The office complex also to be integrated into the quarter’s innovative digitisation concept
  • A landmark ensemble on the quarter’s western border

Berlin, 2 September 2020 – Today, once again they were celebrating in Quartier Heidestrasse with construction starting on the final section of the QH Track office complex on Europacity’s western border.
Thomas Bergander, Managing Director of Quartier Heidestrasse GmbH, welcomed Ramona Pop, Berlin’s Senator for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, and Dr Martin Heinig, Managing Director of SAP Berlin, COO and Executive Board Member, Technology & Innovation, to the foundation stone laying ceremony for the last of QH Track’s nine buildings.

Customised digitisation

With almost three-quarters of Quartier Heidestrasse’s office space concentrated here, QH Track is an essential component of the innovative digitisation concept, networking residents, office users, services, retail and transport infrastructure, throughout the entire quarter. To achieve this, the latest app technology, and its resulting synergies, will provide added value for users, sustainable quality of living and working, as well as profitability for operators, now and in the future.
User-defined, freely combinable modules for various digital innovation have been explicitly designed for the neighbourhoods, buildings, and office, commercial and residential spaces. With these, users can put together a ‘Digital Ready’ package for their rental space according to their individual needs, as well as combine additional existing and new modules at a later date. For company employees in QH Track, this means all the building’s services are available via an app, as well as those of the entire quarter.

SAP establishes Digital Campus in QH Track

From prestigious corporate headquarters to small and medium-sized companies, QH Track has flexible rental spaces from 500 to 30,000 square metres to suit a wide range of users.
A significant anchor tenant, with potential business synergies, is the SAP corporation having leased 30,000 square metres for a new software development lab in QH Track.
Ramona Pop, Senator for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises spoke at the event. “Quartier Heidestrasse is an example of how inner-city working, living and retail can complement and strengthen one another. Berlin also needs more customisable, modern workplaces, where companies can not only establish themselves but prosper in smart, innovative surroundings. For Quartier Heidestrasse, digitisation, intelligent technologies, and the resulting networking of its buildings is a top priority – and a perfect location for an innovative company like SAP. Its new Digital Campus will not only enrich Europacity but reshape our Berlin tech ecosystem and maintain Berlin’s reputation as both a leader in new ideas and an ideal location to develop them.”

Dr Martin Heinig, Managing Director SAP Berlin, COO and Executive Board Member, Technology & Innovation also spoke at the event. “Berlin has a very healthy tech ecosystem with many start-ups and drivers of innovation. SAP Berlin fits in perfectly here because we can create and nurture new ideas in interaction with the ecosystem. The new location in Quartier Heidestrasse will give SAP a significant presence in Berlin, as well as provide the workplaces we need. It will also ensure possibilities for cross-sector synergies, and help us attract key players such as customers, partners and new talent. Our Digital Campus in Quartier Heidestrasse will create an extraordinary customer and employee opportunity to showcase SAP’s innovative strength.”

Das Quartier Heidestrasse wächst

Mit dem Quartier Heidestrasse entsteht auf rund 8,5 Hektar Fläche direkt in der Mitte Berlins ein facettenreiches, urbanes Stadtquartier. Alle Formen des modernen Arbeitens, Lebens und Wohnens werden hier miteinander vereint: Mehrere Bauabschnitte umfassen rund 199.600 m² BGF Büro- und Gewerbeflächen einschließlich eines Hotels und einer Kita sowie rund 940 Mietwohnungen. Neben QH Core sind bereits zwei weitere Komplexe von insgesamt sechs im Bau – QH Spring und QH Track.
Dr. Martin Heinig, Managing Director SAP Berlin, COO to Executive Board Member, Technology & Innovation: “Berlin hat ein sehr starkes Tech-Ökosystem mit vielen Start-ups und Innovationstreibern. SAP Berlin passt hervorragend hier hinein, da wir im Zusammenspiel mit dem Ökosystem neue Impulse setzen und erhalten. Durch den neuen Standort werden wir eine bedeutende SAP-Präsenz in Berlin schaffen, die den Raum für die benötigten Arbeitsplätze bietet, die Nutzung bereichsübergreifender Synergien sicherstellt und Schlüsselakteure wie Kunden, Partner und neue Talente anzieht. Mit dem digitalen Campus im Quartier Heidestrasse schaffen wir ein außergewöhnliches Kunden- und Mitarbeiter Erlebnis, welches die Innovationskraft der SAP präsentiert.“

Modern, flexible workplaces for 8,500 people

Thomas Bergander, Managing Director of Taurecon Real Estate Consulting, said at the ceremony. “Two years ago, such a development in a dynamic central location next to Berlin’s central railway station existed only in our imagination. Now we can see how those ideas are taking shape. With state-of-the-art digitisation, living and working in Quartier Heidestrasse will also be both smart and environmentally sustainable. The future users of QH Track will not only benefit from the innovative concept behind this building, but will also become an important part of a vibrant community.”

The 550-metre-long building, with striking design from EM2N Architects, is characterized by five towers up to fifty-five metres high, providing tenants with their own address and identity.
The complex integrates three different architectural forms: ‘Warehouses’ – with ceilings up to four metres high, open concrete elements and ‘rough’ architecture, ‘Pencils’ – high-rises with a fantastic 360°-views, ‘Headquarters’ – designed for single-tenant letting with the potential for custom uses. QH Track will provide workspaces for up 8,500 people – in the centre of the city, near green open spaces, and close to the quarter’s central square for restaurants and shopping.“

Quartier Heidestrasse: Smart, sustainable living and working

Quartier Heidestrasse, a multifaceted, urban quarter under construction on 8.5 hectares in the centre of Berlin, brings together all the modern forms of working, living and housing design in one place. Several stages of construction will provide around 199,600 square metres of gross floor area for office and commercial space, a hotel, and day care centre, as well as about 940 rental apartments with around 95,400 square metres of gross floor area. QH Core, the heart of the quarter, will be ready to occupy as early as January 2021, while Quartier Heidestrasse and QH Track are scheduled for completion in 2023.


Taurecon Real Estate Consulting

The company was founded by Thomas Bergander to focus on real estate due diligence and project development for private and institutional clients. In Berlin the company is engaged in project development for Quartier Heidestrasse in the Europacity, responsible for coordinating the entire planning process from conception to completion. Services include among other things engagement and coordination of the teams involved, support during the construction permit, planning and competitions, as well as organisation of sales and marketing. Taurecon assumes the controlling function for the Wasserstadt project in the Europacity Berlin on behalf of Adler Real Estate. TAURECON organises the entire acquisition process if requested by its clients.

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