Adjacent to the historic centre of the German capital, a new urban quarter is being built within walking distance of Berlin’s main railway station. Taurecon is developing the Heidestrasse quarter in a prime location on an area of around 85,000 square metres. It is part of the new Europacity – one of the largest and most innovative new development areas in Berlin.

Quartier Heidestrasse is a newly designed and urban living environment – an area for living, shopping and working. 175,000 square metres of commercial and retail space are being built. The foundation stone for the large local shopping centre QH Core with flats and offices was laid in September 2018.

Taurecon projected Quartier Heidestrasse for the owner and coordinated the entire project development process. This included, among other things, the development plan for the area and the organisation of several architectural competitions, including implementation and awarding. Taurecon Real Estate Consulting GmbH is now responsible for the realisation of Quartier Heidestrasse: construction planning and complete construction, financing, control of the construction process, controlling, leasing and marketing of the urban quarter as well as the entire public relations work are in the hands of Taurecon Real Estate Consulting GmbH.






Sophisticated architecture

The new cityscape will be lively and varied. To achieve this, the architects have developed various urban figures and use a wide variety of materials for the façades. The urban quarter is being realised in a strict time sequence. The goal of Taurecon Real Estate Consulting GmbH: The new quarter will be completed by 2023.



Architectural firms


One quarter – five architects. The Heidestrasse quarter sets architectural accents. Five renowned architectural firms emerged as winners from the competitions. In addition to the buildings, they also designed attractive city squares and created green oases.

Quartier Heidestrasse Magazine

A new quarter of Berlin’s city centre is being built in Europacity – with everything that makes living in the centre of the capital so special. Enter and read everything worth knowing about Quartier Heidestrasse, this impressive new Berlin quarter. You will find pictures, data and facts about the quarter.

Quartier Heidestrasse Magazine

Quartier Heidestrasse brochure

Quartier Heidestraße brochure


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